Me everytime Lukas doesn’t get in the starting line-up

  • Wenger: Pssst. Poldi. Hey. It's the 80th minute. You can go on now, buddy.
  • Lukas: Yes sir!
  • Lukas: Lemme just find my shirt...and my pads...uhhh...guys...I wasn't expecting this to happen to be honest...
  • Mesut: You can have mine, pal.
  • Lukas: Thanks.
  • *goes on*
  • Lukas: Okay, yep I got this.
  • Lukas: *nearly scores*
  • Lukas: Brings the Poldi pace.
  • *full time*
  • Wenger: You didn't score.
  • Lukas: Well yes I know but I only had ten-
  • Wenger: Back to the bench.
  • Lukas: But-
  • Wenger: BENCH.
  • *goes back because he loves this club. and fans and will do whatever he can to earn points with the boss*
  • *takes selfies, is the sweetest, funniest dude, tries to keep spirits up despite being constantly the last consideration*
  • Wenger: He's no good to me right now.
  • Wenger: No starting lineup for him.
Imagine how the convo went tho...
  • Lukas: hmmm... I seem to have...
  • Jack: What?
  • Lukas: umm, I can't find my shin-pad..
  • Mesut: Your what?
  • Lukas: My shin-pad, check under your seat.
  • Mesut: *fumbles under seat*
  • Mesut: Nope, don't have it.
  • Lukas: But I need my shin-pad!
  • Jack: Dude, chill.
  • Lukas: But I need it!
  • Mesut: For fucks sake bruh, take mine.
  • Lukas: ...thanks


Lukas Podolski and the Disappearance of the Shin-Pad